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Sublime Laser Skin Rejuvenation

About the service

This laser treatment uses radio frequency energy to smooth the skin from fine lines. It also helps reduce pores, tighten skin, and plump demarcations from within. Small energy waves permeate the pores causing collagen production in the skin and healthy cell production.

What’s Involved In The Treatment Process of Sublime Laser Rejuvenation?

This FDA-approved, non-invasive laser treatment is used to tighten areas of the skin that have lost elasticity by combining two energy sources to achieve the best possible results. During the Sublime treatment, bi-polar radio frequency energy and infrared light therapy is used to stimulate collagen production in the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give a noticeable lift.

This treatment is ideal for targeting the tell-tale signs of aging such as laxity of the neck and jowl, saggy brow lines and under-eye area, and prominent nasolabial folds. Skin tone irregularity is also targeted – making it appear smoother and more luminous. Other notable results include a reduction in the appearance of sun spots, broken blood vessels, and even acne scarring.

The process usually involves 3 – 4 treatments which are scheduled 4 – 6 weeks apart, but this may vary amongst individual patients depending on their skin condition. Once the initial treatment is completed, maintenance treatments are required around every 6 months. The results of this anti-aging procedure are immediately evident but become more visible over time as collagen builds up in the skin. The excellent results experienced by patients and minimal downtime involved have made this one of our most popular skin revitalization treatments.

Is Sublime Laser Rejuvenation Really Painless?

Most patients are primarily concerned with the degree of discomfort involved in the procedure.

Fortunately, Sublime is a pain-free procedure with none of the discomfort associated with invasive treatments.

Patients can return to their normal routines straight away following the treatment and side effects are both minor and rare. A small number of patients may experience a reddening of the skin following the treatment but this is temporary.

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